Fab Lab (FAB422)

Located in Room 422 of the Fine Arts Building, the FabLab brings multiple technologies and resources under one roof with proper ventilation, consistent access for faculty/graduate/undergraduates, and on-hand technical support. The Digital Media Lab Tech and lab monitors oversee the equipment and maintenance, facilitate use, and keep regular lab hours.


Currently, usage of the FabLab equipment (Prusa i3 mk2, MakerBot Replicator and Replicator 2X 3D printers, Formlab Resin Printer, PLS 6.75 and Trotec Speedy 400 Laser Cutters/Engravers, Roland MDX-20 CNC Milling Machine, NextEngine 3D Scanner, Summacut D75 Vinyl Plotter as well as Electronics Bench equipment) is available to all Faculty, Graduate Students, and any Undergraduates that have taken or are currently taking a course in which these technologies are applicable and covered during instruction. Additionally, there are a number of items available for checkout through the Equipment Checkout Office located in FAB 322.


Fab Lab Rules & Guidelines

The FabLab is an open resource for current Studio Art students to make work using the equipment we have available. While these machines can be used for a large variety of applications here are a few guidelines we ask that everyone adhere to…


1. Make Art – This lab is a resource for making art work, it is not a production facility for your business or commercial ventures.


2. Know The Equipment Prior To Use – Anyone booking time on a machine should already have experience using that machine. Students in all 3D and Digital Foundations classes will be given full demonstrations of the lab equipment during class time.  All students wishing for a refresher are encouraged to attend the open-call demonstrations that occur from time to time throughout the semester; see posts for these on the door of the lab. Lab technicians are present for your safety, the safety of the machines, and to help you trouble-shoot problems you may have utilizing the machines. Lab techs are not trained to assist with any issues regarding your design process including trouble-shooting design software issues, they are trained to help you process your finished design through the machines in the lab.


3. Be Here Now – The laser cutters are potentially dangerous machines and need your full, undivided attention. A handful of seconds could mean the difference between no damage and tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment due to fire damage. Students are financially liable for machines damaged by reckless and/or negligent use. Also, if one would like to make a 6 hour 3d print, then one will have to watch a 6 hour 3d print. It’s not the lab monitor’s job to oversee your project while you go get dinner and a movie.


4. Reserve Time – The only way to utilize the equipment in the lab is to book time on a machine through the calendar. Please edit or delete your reservation as necessary prior to your booking to allow space for other students. Being more than 15 minutes late will forfeit your reservation and count as a no show.  More than 2 no shows will result in the loss of your access to the FabLab for the remainder of the semester. Students should come prepared to utilize the machinery straight away; editing should be completely done prior to your appointment (save minor last-minute trouble shooting).


5. Clean Up After Yourself – This lab gets a lot of use by a lot of people, so please be courteous and respectful to everyone by cleaning up any mess you make. This includes disposing of any scrap materials. The lab will gladly accept donations of scrap materials IF they are of a useful size and condition (consult the lab tech on duty).




** If you have any questions or comments about the rules feel free to email the Digital Lab Tech at rduarte@fsu.edu **


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