Makerbot Replicator & Replicator 2X

The Makerbots have been taken out of service for the time being and have been replaced by 4 new Prusai3 MK2S models. Many of the instructional videos below are still helpful.
There is a plethora of information about 3D printing technology in general and our Makerbot units in particular available on the internet. (pro account included with FSU tuition; see the link in your ‘Secure Apps’ section of and Makerbot’s youtube channel are both great sources of pertinent information. Below is a curated list of videos that will give you a good overview of this important technology and specifics on how to design for 3D printing as well as how to use, maintain, and troubleshoot the machines available in the Fab Lab.

Up and Running with 3D Printing.

A brief introduction to 3D printing technology. In this course I recommend the following videos:
• ‘What is 3D Printing’
• ‘How 3D Printing Works’
• ‘Introducing Filament-based Printers’
• ‘Understanding Manifold Design’
• ‘Creating a Design with Solid Modeling’

Getting Started with MakerBot 3D Printers.

An introduction to the basic functions of our MakerBot units and associated software. In this course I recommend most of the videos in the segments ‘Getting Set Up with the Replicator 2 and 2X’, ‘Preparing a 3D Model’, ‘Slicing in Depth’ and a couple from ‘Trouble Shooting Problems’
Getting Set Up with the Replicator 2 and 2x: (We have a 2x model and its very similar predecessor the Replicator 1 in the Fab Lab)
Getting Started…
Loading the filament…
Preparing the Build Plate (Replicator 2x)
Leveling the Build plate (Replicator 2x)
Preparing a 3D Model:
Introducing MakerBot Desktop (Software also known as Makerware)
Exploring and Downloading (Thingiverse)
Orienting a Design
Printing Via External Media
Printing Via Direct Connection
Removing a Print
Slicing in Depth:
Structure of a 3D print
When to Use a Raft
Support Material
Exploring Resolution
Choosing Shells and Infill
Troubleshooting Problems:
Fixing Leveling Issues
Extruder Maintenance

3D Printing Project: Designing a Replacement Part.

Many of our Digital Foundations courses at FSU provide instruction on the use of TinkerCAD 3D design software. This course may help you refresh on the basics of that program. In the above course I recommend the  entire segment ‘Design in TinkerCAD’

For even more videos related to these and other machines in the lab you are invited to explore this list of tutorials I ask the Fab Lab monitors to watch.

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