Checkout Policies & Periods

General Rules:

  1. Equipment may be borrowed from the Art Department by currently enrolled art students.
  2. Students must have their FSU ID Cards in order to checkout equipment, even if they have done so before.
  3. Students become liable for any loss or damage incurred during their checkout period and must sign a contract agreeing to this. Click here to view a blank version of our contract.

Checkout Periods:

  1. Undergraduate students may borrow equipment for a period of ONE WEEK.
  2. Faculty and staff may borrow equipment for a period of ONE WEEK.
  3. Graduate students may borrow equipment for a period of TWO WEEKS.
  4. Equipment is due by the end of checkout hours on it’s due date.

Renewal Policy:

  2. When the checkout period of is over, equipment must be returned to the checkout office.

Late Policy:

  1. If more than 2 late returns are accumulated through the duration of the semester, the offending party will loose all checkout privileges.
  2. If any equipment is returned 5 or more days late (regardless of the borrower’s number of late returns), the offending parting will immediately loose all checkout privileges.
  3. The length of time for which checkout privileges are lost is to be set at the Equipment Checkout Manager’s discretion.


Questions?  Call us at (850) 445-9820 to speak with the lab monitor currently on duty, email us, or visit the following links for more info:

Available Equipment


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