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The digital photography area can be found in FAB320B.  This room houses 11 iMac workstations, 11 scanners, and 8 printers, reserved for the use of currently enrolled photography students, MFA students, and BFA students with special permission.  Access during open lab hours is strictly controlled.


The iMac workstations are equipped with the Adobe Creative Cloud, including Lightroom, Bridge, Photoshop, and Camera Raw.  Each of the work stations are connected to an Epson Perfection flat bed scanner (either a V750 or a V600) capable of scanning both reflective documents and negatives, up to 8″x10″.  Additionally, each computer is connected to one of 8 Epson Stylus R2880 inkjet printers.  These printers are capable of printing on up to 13″ x 19″ sheets, or 13″ wide roll papers.  Students must supply their own papers (please see the lists below of approved paper types). A variety of paper profiles have already been installed on the workstations for students.


Advanced photography and graduate students also have access to an Imacon Flextight X1 large format drum scanner.  The Flextight allows for up to 6300dpi resolution film scans for all film formats.


For students who are not currently enrolled in photography courses, but wish to make high quality prints, the photography area offers a Large Format Printing Service for their use.

Digital Photography (FAB320B)


Outside of class hours:

Monday:  hours TBD
Tuesday:  hours TBD
Wednesday:  hours TBD
Thursday:  hours TBD
Friday:  hours TBD
Saturday: CLOSED
Sunday:  hours TBD


Approved paper types (student-supplied):

Questions?  Please contact Libby Armstrong.

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