How We Charge

*We are now only allowing customers to pay on their phone or laptop instead of on our devices for security reasons.*


We ask that when you come in to have your images printed, you are prepared to make a credit or debit card payment (sorry, no cash!) before you leave.


Our payment system is based upon the material used for each individual print you create with us.  That means what paper is used, how much of it is used, and the ink consumed in creating your print.  As such, we cannot tell you exactly how much your print will be until after it is printed.  We can give you an educated guess based upon our experience and the image you plan on printing, but that is not always accurate.


Paper consumption is charged by the linear inch (how long your print is), and we currently offer a wide variety of different papers of varying prices to accommodate all printing needs and budgets!  To learn more about the papers we have available for use, visit our Paper Types page.  It is also possible for you to supply your own paper to print on, paying only for your ink usage.  If you wish to use your own paper, please contact us well in advance of when you wish to print, so that we can ensure your paper meets our specifications and we can obtain the correct profiles for it.  Furthermore, if you are planning on creating any print file which will require more than 25′ (300″) of material, we ask that you supply your own paper.  As we only keep one roll of each paper type on hand, we cannot guarantee that we have enough to create anything that large, and we wish to make sure our services and material are available to all students consistently.


Ink use is charged for by the milliliter, which is carefully tracked on our printer for each print session.  Since each image file is slightly different, containing varying tones and colors, each print will use differing amounts of ink. Using this method,  a 20″x30″ photograph of a black cat in a coal mine will use more ink and cost more than a 20″x30″ photograph of a white cat in a blizzard…With that being said your black cat prints will still be cheaper than any other archival inkjet print services in town. This system gives you the fairest price for your prints and we cover our costs, a win win!


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