Light it up!  Studio for photography and video projects, documentation and motion capture.  Appointment required.

The Lightbox is a fully equipped, professional photographic lighting studio located in the Carnaghi Arts Building (CAB) just off campus.  From hot lights and strobes, to backdrops, stands, and everything in between is available for use in the space.  Lightbox is the perfect space to document your art work, create portraits or still lifes, run a fashion shoot, or even work on video capture with our awesome green screen!


(NEW)   Starting SPRING 2018:

Have you attended a demo? Great, feel free to book an appointment. No? See below.
Questions Email: Matt Adams Facebook messages will be ignored.



Sunday / Monday : CLOSED

Tuesday/Thursday: 12-7

Wednesday: 12-3

Friday/Saturday: 12-5


Appointments are mandatory, made at least three days in advance. Staff will be there for your setup, but they are not required to stay for the entirety of your appointment; your shoot is yours to run. If you foresee needing extended help, please email staff well in advance.

Please be aware that students who are unable to attend the appointment they scheduled must go back and cancel the appointment and or notify the Lightbox monitor in a prompt and timely manor, the day of the appointment is not prompt. More than 2 no-shows will result in a loss of privileges.

Before you book an appointment:


  • In order to work in the LightBox, you must have attended the basic training demonstration.  If you have not, your appointment will be canceled without notice.
  • LightBox is located in room 1421 of the Carnaghi Arts Building (CAB).
  • Appointments are two hour blocks.  If you require more time than this, make sure to extend your time while scheduling your appointment
  • Once you schedule a time, you will receive an automated email from the booking service with a summary of the details concerning your appointment. If a conflict should arise on our end we will notify you as soon as possible.
  • If you arrive 15 minutes or more late without notifying the monitor in charge of your appointment, it will be automatically canceled.
  • If you fail to show for an appointment more than twice in a semester, you will lose access to LightBox.

Make appointments here: Book Appointment



In order to schedule an appointment to work in LightBox, you must have been granted access through attending a basic training demonstration.  This session covers basic studio usage and etiquette, as well as instruction on tungsten (hot) lighting.

All class demos (or those for BFA/MFA) must take place by the end of February.  Matt Adams ( must be consulted before Spring semester starts to arrange a firm demo day on your schedule.



All equipment in Lightbox stays in Lightbox.  The only exceptions are the three large TVs, which can only be checked out for use only in CAB.  There is no discussion on this.  The items in LightBox do not have the proper gear needed for travel.  Items needed for checkout/travel, well, they are in Equipment Checkout.



Documentation of wall works can now be made on the wall to the left upon entering.  Please speak to Matt in advance if you anticipate any damage to the wall at all.



The last appointment of the day (7pm) often can stay late, which is great for slightly longer projects.  Please speak to Matt in advance about this if you anticipate a project lasting into the evening.



Use of the motion capture requires previous training.  If you require training, please see Keith Roberson. Exceptions to these rules are made only by Keith Roberson.


Have any questions? Please be in touch with Matt Adams (

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