Demo Schedule

In order to schedule an appointment to work in LightBox, you must have been granted access through attending a basic training demonstration.  This session covers basic studio usage and etiquette, as well as instruction on tungsten (hot) lighting.  These training demonstrations are offered throughout the semester, or if you should be unable to make any of the scheduled demonstrations, you may contact Mathew Adams or Justine Bumpers to attempt to arrange a one-on-one training session.  Once one of these sessions has been attended, your name will be added to the access list, and you will be able to work in LightBox.  Your access will remain in place for the remainder of your time at FSU.

If you wish to use our strobe lighting equipment, you will need to attend a second training session focused on that equipment.  These demos are also offered throughout the semester, but less frequently than the general training session.

Additionally, other training demonstrations will be offered from time to time based upon the skills of our monitors and student interest.

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