Scheduling an Appointment

Booking an appointment to work in the LightBox couldn’t be easier!  Just follow the instructions on the module below to make your appointment.  Before booking, please remember the following:

  • In order to work in the LightBox, you must have attended the basic training demonstration.  If you have not, your appointment will be canceled without notice.
  • LightBox is located in room 1421 of the Carnaghi Arts Building (CAB).
  • Appointments are two hour blocks.  If you require more time than this, you will need to book multiple appointment slots.
  • Once you schedule a time, you will receive an automated email from the booking service with a summary of the details concerning your appointment.  This is NOT a confirmation. DO NOT ASSUME YOUR APPOINTMENT IS SET UNTIL YOU RECEIVE AN EMAIL FROM THE PHOTO MANAGER CONFIRMING YOUR TIME SLOT AND THE NAME OF THE MONITOR ASSISTING YOU.
  • If you arrive 15 minutes or more late without notifying the monitor in charge of your appointment, it will be automatically canceled.
  • If you fail to show for an appointment more than twice in a semester, you will lose access to LightBox.




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