Art Labs Calendar

 Scheduling Time on the Calendar

Arts Labs Equipment Calendar


Current Studio Art students and faculty may reserve time on Art Department equipment for their projects via our scheduling calendar.  The current login and password information for the scheduling calendar can be obtained from any of the lab managers.  Please make note of the following guidelines before booking your appointment: 
  1. Appointments must be booked during the posted open lab hours for the facility which houses the equipment in question.
  2. If you book a time outside of posted lab hours, your appointment will be deleted without notice.
  3. If you do not show up within 15 minutes of your reservation, it will be removed from the calendar without notice.
  4. Students who fail to show up to their appointments 3 times will lose access to the equipment in question.
  5. While our lab monitors are willing and able to assist you, we ask that students and faculty have proper training on the equipment they intend to use prior to scheduling an appointment.
  6. Faculty may reserve blocks of time for their classes through the calendar, or by contacting the Lab Manager for the area in question.