Digital Media Fab Lab featured Artist – Bronson Leiro

Bronson Leiro’s rapid-prototyped Art Machine entitled “Blumen Pad” was created to offer viewers the opportunity to experience the process of making art in a condensed and engaging way. Viewers choose a paint color and coat speakers housed inside the pad. Then, each individual speaker compartment is closed by the viewer with a clear acrylic panel. By pressing the buttons on the Blumen Pad’s surface, the viewer activates sounds that vibrate the paint, causing an organic splatter pattern to appear on the inside surface of the acrylic panels. After the viewer is satisfied with the splatter result, they can position the painted panels on the “Exhibition” to experience their splattered work on an illuminated display.

The structure has several parts manufactured through Digital Fabrication processes. The electronic and “splash surface” housing is 3D-printed PLA plastic, and the “splash surfaces” are laser cut acrylic panels.

The base of the “Exhibition” (image below) platform has a 3D-printed PLA and wood filament base that houses the electronics components and holds the laser cut acrylic panels.







Visit Bronson’s instagram to see more of his work; his handle is @durbangrove.