Digital Media Fab Lab featured Research Initiative – Open Source Biomaterials

Deeply rooted in the concept of a Fab Lab is the notion of “data in, data out,” meaning we share information through open source networks to localize the production of objects, enabling makers to create with local materials and resources. 

With sustainability in manufacturing and supply chain a priority for many across the globe, Fab Labs offer resources and space to design and innovate with material and fuel the global initiative to reduce carbon footprint, minimize landfill waste, and other factors that lead to undesirable climate change. 

Rising alongside platforms like GitHubGrabCADMakerBot ThingiverseCults, and Youmagine, which are repositories for code and design, Open Materials Database and Materiom are two of the resources that exist for those willing to engage in the effort to create sustainable solutions for object manufacturing.

You can find some of our contributions made by the Digital Media Fab Lab research staff published on Materiom.