Prusa i3 3D Printers

The Digital Media Fab Lab is equipped with 6 Prusa i3 FDM 3D printers from Prusa Research. 3x i3mk2s and 3x i3mk3s+ models.

All 6 of these 3D printers are housed within a ventilated enclosure. PLA (polylactic acid) is a thermoplastic created from plant-starch and a monomer catalyst and is provided for free. These printers can accommodate any materials (such as TPU, PETG, etc) which can be printed within the constraints of the printer temperature limits:

Max nozzle temperature 300 °C / 572 °F
Max heatbed temperature 120 °C / 248 °F

Consult lab tech before using a non-PLA material

To prepare a file for 3D printing, utilize PrusaSlicer, which can be downloaded for free on both Macs and PCs. PrusaSlicer is available for use in the lab, however preparing your file ahead of time will expedite the 3D printing process.


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