Trotec Laser Cutter Speedy400


The Trotec Speedy400 is one of the fastest laser engraving machines on the market. The bed size is 39″ x 24″ (1000mm x 610mm) and has a maximum workpiece height of 12″ (305mm).  It has a maximum processing speed of 14″ (355mm) per second.  The Speedy400 is currently equipped with a 120watt CO2 laser, and a 1.5″ lens that can cut Materials up to 1/4″ (6.35mm) in thickness, and a 4″ lens that can cut foam rubber materials and laser engrave low detail graphics with high laser powers on wood.

Video Tutorial:

Laser Material Processing Resources

Digital Media Fab Lab – How To – Set Up a File for Laser Cutting

Digital Media Fab Lab – Approved Materials for Laser Processing

Digital Media Fab Lab – Color Map Guide

Speedy400 Operation Manual

Job Control Operation Manual

Job Control Book of Parameters

Material Safety Data Sheets

Ferro – Laser Marking Aerosal Spray – Safety Data Sheet

Ferro – Laser Marking Paste – Safety Data Sheet

Wood and Wood Products – Material Safety Data Sheet

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) – Safety Data Sheet

Taskboard – Safety Data Sheet

Transparency Film – Material Safety Data Sheet

Optix – Acrylic – Material Safety Data Sheet

Acrylic, Acrylite – Material Safety Data Sheet

Dura-Lar Polyester Film – Safety Data Sheet

PEVA Plastic – Safety Data Sheet

Darice – Foamies  – Safety Data Sheet

FoamCore – Safety Data Sheet

XPS Insulation Foam – Material Safety Data Sheet

Corrugated Cardboard – Safety Data Sheet

American Crafts – Cardstock – pure paper pulp, pigment, <2%v IPA isopropyl alcohol

Polyester Fabric – Safety Data Sheet

Material Life Cycle Assessments

Digital Media Fab Lab – Data Life Cycle Assessment

Digital Media Fab Lab – Fabric Life Cycle Assessment

Digital Media Fab Lab – Paper Life Cycle Assessment

Digital Media Fab Lab – Plexiglas & Acrylic Life Cycle Assessment

Digital Media Fab Lab – Wood Life Cycle Assessment