Large Format Printing Service (LFPS)

FAB 335

What kind of printer we use? Epson Stylus Pro 9900 – print up to 43.75″ wide (No borderless printing).

Several glossy and matte exhibition-quality papers available.

If you are an art student or faculty member who wishes to print, please read this page as many of our procedures have changed.

Spring 2023 hours (appointment is mandatory, 3 days in advance!):
Monday: 9:30am-12:45pm; 2:40pm-4:45pm

Tuesday: 9:30am-12:45pm; 2:40pm-4:45pm
Wednesday: 9:30am-12:45pm; 2:40pm-4:45pm

Thursday: 9:30am-12:45pm; 2:40pm-4:45pm

Who We Print For:

We only print for faculty, staff and students of the Art Department. We are not set up for interdepartmental printing or otherwise.

Make Sure You Read These Rules First (New special rules due to COVID):

  • Appointments are made in 1hour blocks, 72 hours in advance.  Book multiple appointment slots if you need more time; make sure you book enough time or else the monitor will politely ask you to reschedule.
  • Once on the schedule, you will receive an automated email from the booking service with a summary of the details concerning your appointment.
  • If you arrive 15 minutes or more late without notifying the monitor in charge of your appointment, it will be automatically canceled. If you fail to show for an appointment more than twice in a semester, you will lose access to the LFPS.
  • Come with your files prepared or you will be asked to leave (see How to Prepare Your Files page:
  • If there is no monitor in FAB335 when you show up for your appointment, please email Jabari Townsend.
  • Please plan ahead and print well in advance of any due dates. Hiccups with the printer, files, scheduling, or supplies can always occur.
  • LARGE PRINTS: Please see Very Large Prints section below before booking.

To Book an Appointment, Click Below:

SnapAppointments Online Scheduling


Payment is due within 2 weeks of your printing date. You will receive a warning/reminder about payment after one week. Failure to pay within 2 weeks will result in loss of LFPS access and a hold being placed on your account. Payments are made with a credit card, and you will receive an email guiding you through the payment process.

Our payment system is based upon the material used for each individual print you create with us. That means what paper is used, how much of it is used, and the ink consumed in creating your print. We cannot tell you exactly how much your print will be until after it is printed. Please see Quotes section below for more on this.

Follow this guide to pay for your LFPS print(s).

Class Projects:

It is best if instructors gather the work to be printed (and certify that files are properly made and in order). This avoids 18 visits per class.  Consider collating the files into 3 or 4 large files segregated by paper choice desired and allowing students to “buddy-up” for their printing appointments. This is a huge help and will earn you major LFPS karma. We require all instructors to speak with Rob Berg first to confirm you have lab fees that will cover these costs first.


We cannot quote you an exact price beforehand (only an educated guess, but that is not always accurate).  We are unusual in that we charge only for ink and paper used, which can vary widely if you have a dark image or a light one.  We can guess, but it is not a firm estimate.  Those requiring exact estimates will be referred to higher-priced venues who vastly overcharge. We can guarantee that we will be cheaper than anywhere else.


As a facility relying on technology, things sometimes fail. Please plan, as sometimes (rarely), equipment can fail. Your last-minute deadlines will not become our last-minute headaches.

Very Large Prints:

Any job over 6 feet long will require that the user pay half the cost no matter the outcome.  Sometimes bad things happen to good prints.  Because we run at such a low overhead, we cannot risk a large job that you later refuse payment for.   Most of the time nothing bad happens, but that’s the handshake deal we must make.

For large prints (larger than 120″) email Jabari Townsend to discuss how much time you need to book. To print longer than 25′ (300″) in length, you will be required to purchase your own roll of paper.  We cannot guarantee that we will have enough material to create anything that large. Please email Jabari Townsend if you find yourself in this situation, as the types of papers we allow are limited.

Resources/Helpful Guides:

Click this link to access some resources/helpful guides created by the Photo Area. These resources will continuously be updated.

Questions? Please email Jabari