How to Prepare Your Files


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File Prep Rules:


Show up with your files on a jump drive saved as .jpg, .psd, or .tiff files. No other file type will be printed (read more below).
Your printing appointment slot is not the time to do any type of editing, resizing, or saving.  If you arrive for your appointment unprepared or with an image that requires further editing, the lab monitor will ask you to leave and you will lose your appointment slot.
Once you have edited your file to your liking, setting it up for our printer is simple!  Follow these steps to prepare your image (or download this pdf):


1:  The final image size is set to the desired print size.
  • This means that your file should already be saved to the size at which you want to print.  For instance, if your FILE was created as an 8″x10″ document, but you wish your PRINT to be 20″x24″, you should save a copy of your file at those dimensions.
  • PHOTOSHOP:  Image>Image Size>Type in your desired dimensions then select AUTOMATIC under the Resample menu. Note that you should lock your proportions so that your image is not visually distorted.
  • ILLUSTRATOR:  Document Set Up> Edit Art Boards> Type in your desired dimensions. Note that you may need to resize your art work to fit the new document size correctly.
  • Please note: the widest you can print is image size 43.75″ .
2:  The image resolution is set to 300 pixels per inch (ppi).
  • This is the optimum print resolution for high quality image files.  Anything less will result in poor image quality. Please note that if you are working with a raster image and have to change your resolution to 300 from a lower resolution (ie 72ppi), the resulting image may still be of low quality.
  • PHOTOSHOP:  Image>Image Size> Enter 300 in the Resolution box, then select Automatic under the Resample menu
  • ILLUSTRATOR:  Effect>Document Raster Effect Settings>Change resolution to High (300ppi).
3:  The file is in RGB color mode.
  • This is the working color mode for our print software.  As such, our system some times has difficulty processing CMYK files correctly.  For best results, please ensure your file is in RGB color mode.
  • PHOTOSHOP:  Image>Mode>RGB Color
  • ILLUSTRATOR:  File>Document Color Mode>RGB
4:  The file is flattened.
  • This speeds up the printing process, sending only the necessary information to the printer by reducing file size.
  • PHOTOSHOP:  Layer>Flatten Image
  • ILLUSTRATOR:  File>Print>Advanced>Select a flattening preset
5:  The file is saved as a TIFF, PSD, or JPG.
  • These are the only file types our printing software recognizes.
  • PHOTOSHOP:  File>Save As>TIFF/PSD/JPG.  If saving as a TIFF, select NONE under Image Compression.  If saving as a JPG, save for maximum quality.
  • ILLUSTRATOR:  File>Export>Export As>TIFF/PSD/JPG.  If saving as a TIFF, select NONE under Image Compression.  If saving as a JPG, save for maximum quality.