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The FSU Department of Art’s Equipment Checkout office is housed in room 322 of the Fine Arts Building, just across the hallway from the department’s open computer lab (FAB320B).  A wide variety of equipment is available for student use, including DSLR camera kits, HD video cameras, projectors, audio equipment, and Wacom Tablets.  For a complete list please click here!
Equipment is purchased through student payment of a semesterly Equipment Fee.  As such, lending of departmental equipment is restricted to students currently enrolled in art courses at Florida State.



Monday: 11:30-8:00

Tuesday: 11:30-8:00

Wednesday: 11:30-8:00


Friday: 12:00-5:00
Saturday: CLOSED
Sunday: 12:00-8:00

Students may stop by the checkout office at any time during posted office hours in order to checkout or return equipment. Please remember that equipment is due by the end of office hours on it’s due date. If you’re looking for the monitor and can’t find them, please call (850) 445-9820 to let them know you need assistance.


General Rules:

  1. Equipment may be borrowed from the Art Department by currently enrolled art students.
  2. Students must have their FSU ID Cards in order to checkout equipment, even if they have done so before.
  3. Students become liable for any loss or damage incurred during their checkout period and must sign a contract agreeing to this. Click here to view a blank version of our contract.

Checkout Periods:

  1. Undergraduate students may borrow equipment for a period of ONE WEEK.
  2. Faculty and staff may borrow equipment for a period of ONE WEEK.
  3. Graduate students may borrow equipment for a period of TWO WEEKS.
  4. Equipment is due by the end of checkout hours on it’s due date.

Renewal Policy:

  2. When the checkout period of is over, equipment must be returned to the checkout office.

Late Policy:

  1. If more than 2 late returns are accumulated through the duration of the semester, the offending party will loose all checkout privileges.
  2. If any equipment is returned 5 or more days late (regardless of the borrower’s number of late returns), the offending parting will immediately loose all checkout privileges.
  3. The length of time for which checkout privileges are lost is to be set at the Equipment Checkout Manager’s discretion.


Our inventory includes the following items as of Summer 2017.  This is not a list of what is available at this exact moment, so if you wish to borrow a specific item, please call the Equipment Checkout Office (850-445-9820) to enquire about availability.


  • 5- Kits with UNO SMD R2 circuit board and accessories
  • 1- Motor Shield Kit for Arduino
  • 1- Sound Shield Kit for Arduino
  • 1- LG GP50 USB Powered DVD Writer
  • 2- 3rd Gen. 32GB Apple iPads
  • 6- Apple iPad Airs (Early 2014)
  • 1- 2008 MacBook Pro 17″ (must have compatible charger)
  • 5- Samsung Galaxy Tablet 7.0
  • 7- Large Wacom Tablet Kits
  • 6- Medium Wacom Tablet Kits
  • 1- Hoverthings HT-FPV Quadcopter with remote, GoPro Hero 3, and Fatshark HUD (The “Art Drone”)
  • 3-3Dconnexion 3D mice


  • 3- IPEVO USB Document Cameras
  • 4-Panasonic PV-GS70D 3CCD Cameras (mini)
  • 1- Panasonic PVGS1 DV Camera
  • 8- Canon Vixia HFM300 Video Cameras
  • 6- Canon Vixia HFM41 Video Cameras
  • 1- GoPRo Hero3+ HD Video Camera
  • 2- K1000 Pentax 35mm Manual Film Cameras with 50mm Lens
  • 16- AE-1 Canon 35mm Manual Film Cameras with 50mmLens
  • 1- Canon EOS Rebel Ti 35mm Manual Film Camera with 28-90mm Lens
  • 1- Canon Rebel T2i 18MP Digital SLR with 18-55mm Lens
  • 5- Nikon D5100 16.2 MP Digital SLR with 18-55mm Lens
  • 5- Nikon D5200 24.1 MP Digital SLR with with 18-55mm Lens
  • 1- Mamiya 645 Medium Format Film Camera with 80mm Lens
  • 2- 4×5 Toyo View Field Camera 45CF with 150mm Lens
  • 6- 4×5 Toyo View Camera Kits with 150mm Lens
  • 1- Canon 5D Digital SLR with 50mm f/1.4 Lens
  • 1- Canon 5D Mark II Digital SLR with 24-105mm Lens
  • 1- Canon 70D DSLR with 18-135 mm Lens and Rode Shotgun Mic
  • 1-Canon 70D DSLR with 18-135 mm Lens
  • 1- Pentax 6×7 Medium Format SLR Film Camera


  • 1- X-Rite ColorChecker Passport
  • 1- ColorMunki X-Rite Display Calibration Tool
  • 1- Lexar Media Compact Flash Card Reader
  • 1- 18″ Cable Release for manual film cameras
  • 2- 10″ Cable Releases for manual film cameras
  • 4- LumoPro LP180 Quad-Sync Flashes
  • 1- Sunpack Power Zoom 4000AF Hotshoe Flash
  • 2- Canon Speedlite 420EX Hotshoe Flash
  • 1- Canon Speedlite 155A Hot Shoe Flash
  • 2- Polaris Digital Flash Meters
  • 1- Gossen Ultra Pro Light Meter
  • 1- Minolta Auto Meter 3F (Incident and Flash)
  • 1- Nikon AF-S DX 35mm 1:1.8G Lens
  • 1- Nikon AF-S DX Micro 40mm f/2.8G Lens
  • 1- Nikon AF-S DX 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5 Lens
  • 1- Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 USM Lens
  • 4- Adjustable Wooden iPhone Stands for Stop Motion Photography
  • 1- Velbon UP-43 Monopod
  • 2- Gitzo G556 Monopod
  • 10- Manfrotto190XDB Tripods with 804RC2 Heads
  • 1- Slik SDV-20 Tripod
  • 1-Slik U9000 Tripod
  • 1-Bogen Professional Tripod
  • 1- Revo SR-1000 Shoulder Support for Video Shooting
  • 1- Wireless Mic Kit w/ Camera Mount


  • 3- Traveling Hot Light Kits (each with 2 Lowel Tota Lights, 2 Stands, 2 Umbrellas)
  • 1- Traveling Strobe Light Kit (2 Alien Bees B1699 Heads, 2 Stands, 2 Umbrellas)
  • 1- Neewer 5-in-1 Light Reflector


  • 8 Apple Thunderbolt to VGA Adaptors
  • 2 Apple Thunderbolt to HDMI, DVI, and Display Port Adaptors
  • 8- 6″ HDMI Cables


  • 2- Sennheiser HD202 Headphones
  • 1- Moterola MotoRoker S305 Wireless Headphones
  • 2- 25′ 120SI Instrument Cables
  • 2-10″ 120SI Instrument Cables
  • 5- 25′ XLR Cables
  • 2- Shure MIC SM58S Microphones
  • 1- Cardioid Dynamic TM-7000 Microphone
  • 2- TakStar SGC-598 Shotgun Microphones
  • 1-Sound Shield and USB Microphone Kit
  • 1- Samson Concert 88 16 Channel Wireless Mic Kit
  • 1- Peavey PV6 6 Channel Audio Mixer
  • 2- Behringer B115W PA Speakers
  • 2- PA Speaker Stands


  • 2- Epson VS400 Multimedia Projectors
  • 2-Epson PwerLite Home Cinema Projectors
  • 4- Aaxz Pico Projectors
  • 3- ViewSonic PJD6531 Projectors
  • 2- Benq Joybee GP1 MiniProjectors
  • 1- InFocus IN26 W260 Projector
  • 2- Optoma DH 1011 HD Projector
  • 1- Kodak 4600 35mm Slide Projector
If you have questions about equipment available for checkout or checkout policy, please call (850) 445-9820 during lab hours to speak with the lab monitor on duty.  You may also email Ryler Calabrese or Libby Armstrong with any questions.

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