Cross Departmental Collaboration in the FabLab

FSU associate professor Dr. Martin Bauer stopped by the fablab to do some 3d scanning. Dr. Bauer’s research involved machine learning and mapping in infinite dimensional space. Check out more of his very fascinating work here: 
Keep an eye out for a render of Martin in the fablab in his upcoming research, which will be presented/published soon.

Fablab manager Alex Adkinson also carries out research in the department of biological sciences dealing with 3d imaging and machine learning in collaboration with post-doc Dr. Barbara Costa, Dr. Austin Mast, and fellow former FSU MFA and fablab GA, Nicole James. James, Mast and Adkinson recently published a paper on 3d digital imaging for botanical specimen collections and can be read here:

Adkinson and James will be presenting new research on 3d imaging, machine learning, and new media in the biological sciences at the University of Florida’s Museum of Natural History and Yale at the Peabody Museum in the coming months as part of a workshop series on advances in digital media in the biological sciences in partnership with iDigbio, Yale, UF, Tulane, and Cornell.