Electronics Cabinet & Checkout Kits

The Digital Media Fab Lab’s electronics cabinet contains tools for prototyping electronic circuits in the lab: soldering stations, fume extraction stations, work lights, hand tools for electronics, multimeters, power supplies, and some consumable electronic components.


The lab also has an Electronics Kit available for checkout by current Art students and faculty. The kit contains a soldering station, multimeter, wire strippers, side cutters, needle nose pliers, solder sucker, solder wick, solder, stranded wire, solid wire, and heat shrink tubing. The kit is to be utilized for coursework and research purposes only. The kit can be checked out for up to 7 days at a time, it cannot be renewed, and only one kit per student. Students are required to present a current FSU ID at the time of checkout and return.


Electronics Resources

Digital Media Fab Lab – Electronics Kit Policy

Jameco – NTE Electronics Inc – Kester Pocket Paks – Solder

Kester – Safety Data Sheet – Pocket Pak 48 Flux-Cored Lead Free Solder

GC Electronics – Liquid Solder Flux

GC Electronics – Material Safety Data Sheet – Solder Flux

MG Chemicals – Technical Data Sheet – 4910 – Tip Tinner

MG Chemicals – Safety Data Sheet – 4910 – Tip Tinner

Digital Media Fab Lab – Electronics Life Cycle Assessment