Digital Media Fab Lab + Florida Cultural Alliance

The Digital Media Fab Lab recently created a series of trophies for the Florida Cultural Alliance’s 2022 Advocacy for the Arts rally at the Florida State Capital. Below are a few images that demonstrate our process.

We posed Body-Chan and Body-Kun dolls into positions that displayed characteristics of each legislator. We then 3D scanned the doll with the EinScan Pro 2X Plus 3D Scanner.


We scanned the doll positions standing and upside down.


After collecting several scans, we aligned the scans in the ExScan software and saved a watertight 3D model for 3D printing.


In PrusaSlicer software, we combined the 3D scanned model with a personalized base that we designed in Autodesk Fusion360.


We exported .gcode from PrusaSlicer and utilized the Prusa i3 FDM 3D printers to print prototypes of the trophies.


We shared our prototypes with the CEO of the Florida Cultural Alliance, received feedback, and made modifications where they were needed.



We printed the final versions of the trophies in gray PLA filament from Hatchbox.


We removed supports, filed, and sanded the surfaces of the 3D prints.


We coated the surfaces of the 3D prints with Krylon’s Paint-and-Primer in one in deep matte grey. (note: We did not spray them inside the laser machine, we were just stashing them there temporarily there while they dried so that they would be near exhaust. If we had a fume hood, we would have put them there instead.)


After we finished the surfaces of the 3D prints, we photographed them, and packed them up for the Arts Advocacy rally. We delivered the trophies to the Arts Advocacy rally and gave them to the Legislators.


VOILÀ – Success! Representative Carlos Guillermo Smith with his trophy at the Florida Cultural Alliance event – We know he loves the trophy 🙂


To find out more about the research project, contact Digital Media Labs, Manager – Caitlin Driver.

FSU Art’s Digital Media Fab Lab creates 3D trophies for Florida “Arts and Culture Hero” Awards